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The “To and Thru Bristol Passenger Rail” Coalition is a legacy community initiative to bring Amtrak passenger rail service back to Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

The “To and Thru Bristol Passenger Rail” Coalition has been advocating for decades and represents a unique partnership between business, municipal, legislative and university leaders with support from all corners of the region. This extension of Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Service from the New River Valley to and through Bristol TN/VA would also connect other regions of Tennessee along the eastern seaboard.

Currently, the New River Valley serves as the southernmost terminus for the Northeast Region, which provides passenger rail along the nation’s Mid-Atlantic corridor north to Boston. Tennessee is currently working to identify corridors for the expansion and enhancement of passenger rail.

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Why Passenger Rail?


Efficiency and Convenience

Passenger rail services offer a highly efficient and convenient mode of transport for consumers. Unlike road transport, trains are not subject to traffic congestion and can maintain a consistent high speed, making them a reliable means of travel.

For businesses, the predictability of rail transport can be a significant advantage, especially when coordinating with employees, clients or partners who are travelling by train. Furthermore, trains often have amenities such as Wi-Fi and power outlets, enabling passengers to work or relax during their journey.


Economic Benefits

The passenger rail industry can have significant positive impacts on the economy. It creates jobs, both directly within the rail industry and indirectly in related sectors such as manufacturing and tourism.

For consumers, this could lead to increased income and improved quality of life. For businesses, the economic activity generated by an expanded rail industry can create opportunities for growth and expansion. 


Environmental Sustainability

Rail transport is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport. Trains emit significantly less carbon dioxide per passenger-kilometer compared to cars and airplanes, making them a more sustainable choice for both consumers and businesses.

For consumers, choosing to travel by train can be a simple and effective way to reduce their personal carbon footprint. For businesses, promoting or utilizing rail travel can form part of a broader corporate social responsibility strategy. 

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