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Our easy-to-navigate FAQ will get you on the right track with detailed responses to common questions, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try using our contact form. All aboard for passenger rail service to and thru Bristol!

Where is the Bristol Train Station located?

The Bristol Train Station is located in historic downtown Bristol right below the iconic Bristol Sign.

Built in 1902 and beautifully restored, the Bristol Train Station now serves as a charming backdrop for weddings, social gatherings, corporate events, business meetings, parties and more.

The facility provides modern-day amenities while preserving its rich history through timeless architecture and design. Kegley Hall, the historic waiting room, features cathedral ceilings, Gothic-style architecture, original flooring and beautiful chandeliers.

Although the last passenger train pulled out of here in May 1971, the station was lovingly restored for the town’s sesquicentennial (150th birthday) in 2006.

Why should passenger rail come to and thru Bristol?
  • Regional connection from Christianburg, Virginia through Bristol on to points in Tennessee (Knoxville, Chattanooga, etc.)
  • Economic development benefits:
    • Expanded regional transportation provides access to national and global market opportunities
    • Attract tomorrow’s highly skilled workforce
  • Increased Productivity, Safety and Tourism
    • Mitigates passenger congestion demands on the I-81 corridor
    • Safe and efficient mode of travel
    • Bristol is a tourist destination
  • Eco-friendly: Utilizing existing rail networks, passenger rail would reduce automobile traffic across already congested road networks in the state