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WSET-TV Story – Bristol, Virginia Council voices support for idea of passenger rail return

WCYB – May 12, 2023 | By Ashley Hoak

BRISTOL, Va. (WCYB) — Talks continue to chug along at the idea to bring passenger rail back to Bristol.

Earlier this year, the Federal Rail Administration approved Virginia’s Statewide Rail Plan, which includes an effort to secure federal funding to expand passenger rail service to the area. Now, Bristol, Virginia City Council has voted to show its support — approving a resolution focused on the Bristol Train Station Foundation.

Dan Bieger, president of the Bristol Train Station Foundation, told News 5, this vote of support helps in several ways.

“That’s one piece, a big piece of the puzzle that we developed now to help with funding and the grant writing and just getting the whole community interested in passenger rail service,” said Bieger.

The measure will essentially help with the process of applying for grants, to get the train station ready for passengers.

“When Amtrak moves on its way down the line to Bristol, there will be come requirements that they are going to ask us to do like a certain platform, and it’s got to be built in a certain way, have to have certain electronics to do the tickets and stuff,” said Bieger.

Bristol, Tennessee City Council members also approved a resolution last month, backing the idea to bring passenger rail back to the area.


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